Gala Finance

We believe the blockchain should be invisible in our games. We use simple game mechanics that all players can enjoy, whether or not they consider themselves to be blockchain pros.

Owned by Players.

Players get to truly own what they win in our games. If you earn or win a magical sword on the Gala Game Platform, it is yours. Your items and any inherited status is a verifiable asset on the blockchain you can trade to another person or play with in-game.

Community Rules.

We don’t develop games in a vacuum, we constantly engage and test assumptions with our Discord community. We build alongside a vocal community whose input shapes the direction each game’s design takes.

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Pre sale end in 15 December 2021.

Listing Price 1 Millions GALA = 10 USD

Invite People to get 50% BNB and 50% GALA on Every Airdrop and Presale.

Airdrop 10,000,000 GALA (0.005 BNB)

0.01 BNB = 10,000,000 GALA

1 BNB = 1,000,000,000 GALA

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Token Information

Name - GALA Finance

Symbol - GALA

Decimals - 18

Supply - 100,000,000,000,000,000 GALA

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